Application Process

This section outlines the steps in applying for a USAPMTIAA Student Scholarship Grant.

Information for Prospective Scholars

Students interested in applying for scholarship grant shall fulfill the following requirements:

  1. The student must be officially enrolled in the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology. Official enrollment will be verified through The Dean.  The grants are open to any year level.
  2. The student must fill up an application form and submit this to the USAPMTIAA Committee on Education and Scholarship.  This form should be scanned and emailed to The application form can be downloaded by clicking the following: USAPMTIAA Student Scholarship Grant Application Form
  3. The application form should be endorsed by The Dean.

Information for Prospective Alumni Donors or Sponsors

Alumni interested in sponsoring a scholar or several scholars will need to fill up the following forms:

  1. Pledge of Donation to the USAPMTIAA Student Scholarship Grants: This form provides a promise on the part of the alumnus to sponsor the scholarship grant.  You may skip this paper Pledge of Donation form by doing this online using this link to Donate Online and select the part indicating that you would like to donate to the Student Scholarship Grants.  You may also pay here by credit card.
  2. Deed of Donation: This form accompanies the funding to be forwarded by the alumnus to USAPMTIAA.  The alumnus indicates here how he wants his fund to be allocated.
  3. USAPMTIAA Student Scholarship Grant Donor Guidelines: This form outlines the scholarship grant guidelines set forth by the donor.  This will include the coverage of the scholarship grants (e.g., tuition fees, miscellaneous fees, book allowance, etc.), the scholarship period, requirement to maintain the scholarship, among others.

The alumni donor shall then submit these forms to the Committee on Education and Scholarships via email at

Information for the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology

Once the scholarship grant has been set up by the donor and the scholars have been identified, the college will send to USAPMTIAA an Authorization to Release Funds to cover the scholarship fund.  The USAPMTIAA forwards the fund to the College which then pays the tuition fees and miscellaneous fees of the scholar.  The College then forwards an Official Receipt to the USAPMTIAA.

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