USAPMTIAA Alumni Endowment Fund (AEF)

The Alumni Endowment Fund (AEF) is the flagship among the planned projects of the members of the USAPMTIAA.  This is the most important gift of the alumni association to its main beneficiary, the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology, University of San Agustin located in Iloilo City, Philippines.


An endowment fund is a permanent invested fund set up in such a way that the capital remains intact while the gains or return of investment is utilized to finance the projects of the organization.  The yearly gain or return of investment ranges usually from 4-7% but averages about 5%.  For example, if we have a $100,000 endowment fund, every year we are looking at $5,000 (or roughly P200,000) budget allocation for whatever projects and programs our organization will undertake.  In most institutions, only a fraction of this gain is budgeted.  For example, we can use 70% of this for our project and 30% goes to the endowment fund to ensure growth and perpetuity of the fund.


The Board believes the AEF is the way to go if we want to ensure a stable financial resource that will fund the organization’s projects and programs.  Among the important reasons why we have to establish an endowment fund are as follows:

  1. Endowment funds have been utilized by many successful educational institutions and alumni associations as major financial resource that ensures the perpetuity of the organization.
  2. The AEF will be our organization’s most important legacy to our beloved College and University.
  3. This will be the first endowment fund to be established for our Alma Mater and will aspire to be a financial model for other Colleges to follow thereby creating more funding for the University.


The goal of the USAPMTIAA Endowment Fund Drive is to raise $100,000 by December 2017.


  1. Membership Fee – As prescribed by our Bylaws, 40% of the membership fee from each member alumnus shall go to the Endowment Fund.
  2. Endowment Fund Drive – This consists of soliciting contributions from each international alumnus or from different classes/batches.  This will be spearheaded by the Endowment Fund Drive Committee.

Guidelines for Solicitations

Please click the following links for details on the guidelines for donating to the USAPMTIAA Alumni Endowment Fund (AEF):

AEF Levels of Support

AEF Donor Incentives

Donate to the AEF

Status of AEF Pledges

For more information, please contact the USAPMTIAA President:

Dr. Marlon C. Torrento
Phone: 573-768-4310 (c/o Perry Country Memorial Hospital Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Central Time)
PO Box 270240
Saint Louis, MO 63127
Alumni members interested to donate to the Alumni Endowment Fund are requested to fill up the USAPMTIAA Alumni Endowment Fund Pledge Form and mail it to Marlon Torrento in the address above.  You may also do it online by clicking this Donate Online link.


Thank you for your interest in the USAPMTIAA Alumni Endowment Fund.

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