AEF Donor Incentives

Donors to the AEF will be given the following incentives:

  1. Wall of Honor – after December 2017, the USAPMTIAA shall arrange with the College and the University the construction of a large plaque to be mounted on the wall of the lobby of the College Building.  In this plaque, which shall be called Wall of Honor, shall be engraved the names of the donors to the Alumni Endowment Fund.  The plaque shall be maintained in the wall of the College in perpetuity.
    1. For individual donors, his/her First and Last names will be listed.  He or she shall have the option of including his/her titles (e.g., MT(ASCP), RMT, MS, PhD, PharmD, MD, etc.).
    2. For couples, both names will be listed if they donate at the Circle of Benefactors level ($1000) and above.
    3. For group donors (examples are Classes or Batches, or Families), the name of the group will be listed (and not the individual members of the group).  For example, “Mr. Juan de la Cruz and Family” or “BS Med Tech Class 1970”
  2. Alumni Endowment Fund Management Committee – Alumni donating $1,000 (Circle of Benefactor level) and above will be given a special lifetime seat to the Alumni Endowment Fund Management Committee.  The committee which the Board shall create will manage the Alumni Endowment Fund and will decide on how the interest is going to be allocated.  This gives our generous donors the right to decide on which projects their donations will go to.
  3. Life Member – Member donors to the AEF will be awarded Life Member status to the association which means they will be exempt from annual membership dues.  However, they still have the option to continue paying their dues if they really like to continue doing this.

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