The USAPMTIAA Alumni Awards

Every two years, the USAPMTIAA will endeavor to recognize alumni who have distinguished themselves in the practice of their chosen professions.  These awards will recognize international alumni for their outstanding professional achievements that bring about distinct pride and honor to the College and the University.  These awards will serve as an inspiration for alumni to soar greater heights in their careers.  There are two awards to be given, namely

  • USAPMTIAA Distinguished Pharmacist
  • USAPMTIAA Distinguished Medical Technologist

The awardees are selected and voted for by their fellow international alumni.  This makes the awards special since the recipients are chosen by their alumni peers.  An international alumnus may be nominated multiple times but can only receive the award once.

General Criteria

  1. Must be in practice of his/her profession for at least 15 years.
  2. Has demonstrated excellence in the practice of his/her profession as evidenced by recognition from his/her employer, colleagues, or community.
  3. Has promoted Agustinian values in the community he/she serves.
  4. Has no serious concern or challenge to his/her personal integrity

Selection Process

Please click on this link for the details of the selection process.

Nomination Form

Nominations can be done online.  Please click on this link.


Deadline for nomination is on February 29, 2016 (Midnight US Central Time).  The awards committee will then review the nominations and submit for voting the top 2 or 3 nominees for each award by April 15, 2016.  Online voting by active members shall commence by then.  Voting ends by April 30, 2016 (Midnight US Central Time).  Winners will be announced thereafter.


The awardees are encouraged to attend the Biennial Meeting & Reunion to accept his/her award.  The award consists of a special trophy provided by the USAPMTIAA.  Registration fees for  the current  Biennial Meeting & Reunion will be waived or refunded to the awardees.  However, travel and accommodations will not be provided.

The current members of the Awards Committee are Dr. Marlon Torrento, Mr. Jemm Fos, and Mr. Ryan Carasco.


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