Selection Process

The selection process for the USAPMTIAA Alumni Awards involves the following:

Any international alumnus can nominate his/her fellow international alumnus.  A prospective nominee is nominated by filling out a Nomination Form online.  Nominees are international alumni meeting the General Criteria for the awards.  Nominees need not know about their nomination.

The Awards Committee will then gather and verify information about the nominee. It will seek the help of the nominator in gathering the credentials of the nominee.

The Awards Committee will then narrow down the number of nominees to two or three for each award.  The Committee will be guided by a Point-System Criteria where each nominee will be given points for categories such as, but not limited to, the following
  • years of experience
  • promotions and positions held at work
  • involvement in professional organizations (as member, as officer, etc.)
  • specialty certifications
  • awards given by employer, community, professional organizations, etc.
  • involvement in USAPMTIAA activities
  • involvement in College/University activities
  • graduate studies
  • publications
  • testimonials from employer, co-workers, colleagues, and the like

The list of the nominees is then submitted to the active members of USAPMTIAA (those who pay their annual dues) for voting.  Voting is done online and deadline will be set by the Awards Committee prior to the Biennial Meeting & Reunion.  Official tabulation is done by the members of the Awards Committee.  Winners of the awards are submitted to the USAPMTIAA Board for official announcement.  In case of a tie, the USAPMTIAA Board will break the tie by secret ballot.  Winners of the awards are then notified.

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