General Guidelines

The USAPMTIAA encourages its members to donate scholarship grants to finance students taking up Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science (formerly BS Medical Technology) at the College.

The prospective donor will outline in writing his rules for the scholarship identifying the coverage of the scholarship (such as tuition fees, miscellaneous fees or book allowances), effective start and termination of the scholarship, mode of payment for the grants, rules in maintaining the scholarship such as grade requirements, among others.

The USAPMTIAA through its Committee on Education and Scholarships shall oversee the scholarship program.  Before the scholarship can be approved, an official communication shall take place between the USAPMTIAA, the alumni donor and the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology ensuring that all entities are in agreement with the guidelines of the scholarship grant.

The funding for the scholarship grant may only be forwarded by the USAPMTIAA to the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology after verification that the scholar is indeed officially enrolled in the University.

In case the alumni donor plans to terminate the scholarship, he or she shall inform the USAPMTIAA Committee on Education and Scholarship in writing at least 1 month prior to the termination date.

The College shall send the report of the scholar’s performance to the USAPMTIAA at the end of each semester covered by the grant.

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